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Artistry Youth Dance, end of year performance. © Carole Edrich 2016

Alien Disco. Online.

Rory LemonAid’s Alien Disco Workout combines osteopathic training, dance moves and a zany sense of fun to teach good breathing and movement patterns. Designed for ‘kids and people who still think they are kids’ (his words).

Cost: Three free, the rest subscription based


Love is Love. Online.

Billed as a ‘global online artist relief fund festival’, with one hour from each of 24 different locations, this is the hip-hop community at its best and its worst. On one side, they have mobilised a complex international event quickly. On the other, they are looking — and marketing — inwards, to each other. Again. I can’t help thinking that many they are reaching out to will need funds more than those they help.

21st — 22nd February 12:00–12:00 EST (17:00 GMT)


Untold Secrets of the Heart Chamber. Online.

American Dance Festival and DANCECleveland commissioned this new dance film by South African choreographer Gregory Vuyani Maqoma and poet, arts activist and educator Marc Bamuthi Joseph. Expect a trans-Atlantic pandemic backdrop, Black life filtered through 25 years of South African democracy, one hot summer, what grandmothers leave behind and the safety extended from Black fathers to their sons. Live-filmed performance filmed on two continents. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but it will be fun finding out.

Here is just under 3 minutes of Gregory Maqoma’s Vuyani Dance Theatre in Cion: Requiem of Ravel’s Boléro

From 25th February, 19:00 EST (12.00am GMT 1:00am CET) to March 25th

Price: free with suggested donation

Union in Poetry. Online

Juliano Nuñes is known for his agile, collaborative choreographic approach in a hierarchical hidebound industry. Rehearsal footage of this current piece shows a lovely patterning and clear movement vocabulary. One of three short works created by different artists.

February 27th at 19:30 CET, 18.30 GMT, 13:30 EST

Forces. Belgium (various) and Vanves

Leslie Mannès, Thomas Turine et Vincent Lemaître

The trio continues an exploration of the ‘triangular and fusional relationship between body sound and light’. It won Best Dance Show at the Prix Maeterlinck 2020 and there is a nice little excerpt at Around Belgium in February, Vanves in March, Brussels in April.

Mons, Brussels 29th April, Théâtre le Manège, € 5–15

desire de paragüas. Barcelona

An evolving contemporary treatment of space, Raphael Miro Holzer’s spoken words create a compelling rhythm upon which physical movement, space, soundtrack and timing beat a deeper wryer tune. UK afficionados will see hip-hop influences and EU connoisseurs contemporary dance theatre. This man’s creative process is a rare combination of carefully considered structure and inspired innovation.

6th — 7th March, 19:00 CET Theatre Estudi

Perfect Pitch. Lausanne (Switzerland) and Vanves (France)

Pass a ballet through a food-mixer, add self-tuned lyrical song, a detuned orchestra and add performance pazazz. Perfect Pitch is one those wonderful music-dance hybrids that mainland Europe does so well. The collaboration was conceived and interpreted by Baptiste Cazaux.

Lausanne 6th and 7th March, 20:30 and 17:30 CET

Dancing Nation. Online.


Watch this for a varied, virtuousic curation and representative of the UK’s dance from a certain slightly staid perspective. However, although the appointment of Freddie Opoku-Addaie to Dance Umbrella will, in time, sort the perspective, I can’t get enthusiastic about art produced by ‘safe’ institutions. In these hard times, the Arts Council has limited funds, the cost of survival for large institutions huge and the consequent impact on emerging artists and self-employed creatives — particularly multi-disciplinary artists and those who don’t fit preconceptions –will be felt for decades.

BBC iPlayer

or until 26 Feb

The first in a series on intersection of dance with finance, tech, civil society, risk, and Agile practices. My name is Carole Edrich.

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