Tango at the airport celebrating a new flight to Buenos Aires, one of the most obvious collaborations between arts and business.

I have spent ages looking around. Asking too. I can not find a single dance organisation that uses what I would recognise as the full Agile Scrum framework. That is, apart from us.

Don’t get me wrong, some organisations kind-of use it. I have even been given the name of another Scrum Coach who works in the arts. But there is a difference between applying what you want in a toolkit — type manner, and committing to an iterative structure of continuous improvement. A difference between saying that you are a non-hierarchic self-managed team and having the producer make the…

English National Ballet in Manon, image © Laurent Liotardo

What to do, support and see. World wide and in all time zones


Leaf No Trace

Some might say that this collaborative work by MCDC (Michaela Cisarikova Dance Company) uses 3D and VR to bring you into an imaginative, intimate performance, but a truer view would be that it brings their performance to you. Whether you choose to view this using 3D glasses, the full headset or just on the screen you’ll find it intriguing. Keep an eye on this emerging company, their ideas are innovative, always visually appealing, and the art constantly developing.


Free, but leave a comment as it will help them in the future


Firebird Day. online

The Dance…

Dance.What to do, support and see. Worldwide and all time zones.

What to do, support and see. Worldwide and all time zones.


Artistry Youth Dance, end of year performance. © Carole Edrich 2016

Alien Disco. Online.

Rory LemonAid’s Alien Disco Workout combines osteopathic training, dance moves and a zany sense of fun to teach good breathing and movement patterns. Designed for ‘kids and people who still think they are kids’ (his words).


Cost: Three free, the rest subscription based


Love is Love. Online.

Billed as a ‘global online artist relief fund festival’, with one hour from each of 24 different locations, this is the hip-hop community at its best and its worst. On one side, they have mobilised a…

Carole Edrich

Founder of DanceGRiST

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